Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sainsbury's #ChristmasInADay full length YouTube film with X Factor Twitter promotion

Inspired by the YouTube film 'Life In A Day', Sainsbury's have created their own version called 'Christmas In A Day.'  Using footage from Christmas 2012, the 'Christmas In A Day' documentary aims to capture 'how Britain really celebrates Christmas' and was directed by Kevin Macdonald.

Sainsbury's have been using clips from 'Christmas In A Day' in their TV ads and have uploaded the full length, 48 minute version to their YouTube channel which was tonight promoted on Twitter and on TV during the X Factor:

Sainsbury's Christmas In A Day promoted tweet
Sainsbury's 'Christmas In A Day' Promoted Tweet

'Christmas In A Day' is a bold approach and notably different from the ads of the other major retailers that are currently on screen. The full length version of 'Christmas In A Day' has an edge to it too as it comes with a warning - 'contains scenes that may be unsuitable for younger viewers, including animal slaughter and nudity.'  (Most of the comment seems to be about the goose killing or the baby birth....)

See the full Sainsbury's Christmas In A Day film here:


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Anonymous said...

We have Christmas because Jesus was born, Where was he?