Saturday, 15 February 2014

Visualising the storm through plane tracking apps #ukstorm

The UK was really windy last night and there were many problems at London's Heathrow airport.

The departure and arrival screens at London Heathrow tell a story:

...but it's only when you start looking more closely at the 'data' behind this that you really begin to understand what is going on.  Plane tracker apps show the real story:

A flight from Dublin that tried to land at Heathrow, but returned back to Dublin as it was too windy to land in London

A Cathay Pacific cargo flight that did multiple laps of London before landing at a different London airport:

There have been other examples such as a flight from New York that ended up landing in Newcastle in the North of England and various other flights that have been diverted, cancelled or returned to original airport - everything should start to get back to normal tomorrow though and I hope everyone is OK.

The above though is a good example of how today's technology can show behind the headlines and illustrate individual stories in real time - it's not about 'lots of flights delayed', we can now see the individual details of individual flights and empathise accordingly.

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