Saturday, 22 March 2014 taking live selfies on The Voice UK #thevoiceuk

In the first series of The Voice UK in 2012 I posted about Will.iam surreptiously using his phone to live tweet during the show direct from his judges chair.  At the time tweeted 'I told the bbc: "it may seem odd me tweeting...but trust me...this will be the norm one day & people are going to copy it"...'

Move on 2 years to today and The Voice UK is highlighting tweets on screen and both presenters and judges are running around taking and posting selfie photos. is the protagonist for all of this, has an iPad with him in his chair and has been busy posting content like this:

William Jermain The Voice Selfie / Jermain selfie photo taken on #thevoiceuk
So I am simultaneously consuming two versions of the same content through two different mediums - the TV showing the content from the main cameras and Twitter showing the behind the scenes content posted by the judges.

Maybe's 2012 tweet was right - it does now seem entirely normal to see people on TV live tweeting and posting...!

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