Tuesday, 1 April 2014

BMW April Fool 2014 - the Force Injection Booster! (F.I.B.)

The BMW April Fools 2014 ad is here!  For many years BMW have run BMW April Fools ads in the UK and this year the BMW April Fools ad is the 'Force Injection Booster' meaning 'Driving Slow Has Never Felt So Fast'!

BMW April Fools ad 2014 Force Injection Booster
BMW April Fools ad 2014 - Force Injection Booster

The BMW April Fools ad 2014 appears in a number of UK newspapers today and the full ad text reads:

"Thanks to BMW's latest innovation, the Force Injection Booster, you can now experience the exhilaration of the Autobahn even on the school run.

Activated when driving under 20mph, the Force Injection Booster extracts kinetic energy from the car's engine and converts it into positive g-forces.  These are then channelled directly at the driver and passengers via the air conditioning vents, while gentle electric shocks are delivered to the occupants' posterior.  Together this provides the same exhilarating feeling of driving at high speed.

Professor Mika Notbertu, Head of BMW Innovation, describes FIB technology as 'Mind-blowingly unbelievable.'

This technology comes complete with BMW AirNet: the latest in hair protection technology, ensuring drivers don't have to compromise between personal style and driving performance.

To request more information about the new optional feature available across the BMW range, email mika.notbetru@bmw.co.uk or call 0800 093 6161."

Another nice BMW April Fools execution to add to the growing collection of BMW April Fools ads from over the years - see the below list for more examples:

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