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FIFA World Cup 2014 memes - my favourites from the last 4 weeks...

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is almost finished and I’ve really enjoyed it! Furthermore, social media has been alive throughout and it has been great fun to see the iconic moments of this tournament played out through memes and online discussion.

From start to finish key moments have been amplified online and on the final day of the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament I wanted to capture some of the most entertaining here:

1) Van Persieing 

The opening round saw my favourite goal of the tournament as Spain and the Netherlands were matched up again in Salvador. After going 1-0 down, a remarkable goal prompted a remarkable Netherlands fightback. On the stroke of half-time the Netherlands’ Robin Van Persie dived into the air to head Danny Blind’s cross over Casillas and into the Spanish goal. This spawned #vanpersieing, a bit like the previous craze of ‘planking’ but this time tied to a piece of sporting brilliance:

2) Sabella falling over 

When Argentina came close to scoring in their match against Belgium their coach, Alejandro Sabella, decided to close his eyes and fall backwards. Strange – and the sort of thing that internet silliness is born from – cue Sabella in various contexts…

sabella falling over michael jackson
Sabella falling over with Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal
3) The Luis Suarez bite 

The ‘flawed genius’ moment for the 2014 FIFA World Cup was undoubtedly the Luis Suarez bite incident. Twitter went mad, brands sensed an ‘Oreo moment’ and the key clip was analysed, replayed and remixed across the web. I thought Specsavers stayed on brand and played on it well:

Suarez Specsavers FIFA World Cup viral

4) James Rodriguez Locust arm 

Not content with leading the goalscoring charts and forcing all people in the world called James to re-brand themselves as ‘Hamez’, Colombia’s James Rodriguez brought an insect onto centre stage after he scored his quarter-final penalty. Clearly visible to the TV audiences around the world, James Rodriguez had a locust on his arm – I would have freaked, he didn’t…

James Rodriguez locust arm
James Rodriguez locust arm

5) Tim Howard saves 

The Mexican keeper Ochoa was taken to the hearts of the internet as, after some amazing performances, he became known as ‘the wall.’ The Costa Rica goalkeeper was similarly praised, but Tim Howard was the centre of the most internet attention, all around the idea of ‘Tim Howard saves.’ Cue photoshop madness with Tim Howard saving lots of things…

Tim Howard saves the dinosaurs
Tim Howard saves the dinosaurs

There were other examples of 'viral' content and memes around the FIFA World Cup.  Many of them were Dutch (Arjen Robben falling over, Huntelaar’s corner flag karate kick, 'concrete Ron's penalty...) and, of course, there were lots of things created around that semi-final result, but the above five are my favourite 'viral' content pieces from around the FIFA World Cup 2014.

All of the above are slightly silly, based around unpredicatable moments and great performances.  Above everything though, all of these examples are based on ideas that are eminently shareable, inspiring others to join in and develop them more.

A great tournament and great fun – enjoy!

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