Tuesday, 23 September 2014

3D printed band - world's first live 3D printed concert at Lund University

3D printing (where real world objects can be created from plans using 3D printers) has been interesting me and a new example from Lund University in Sweden is very cool.

In order to draw attention to the potential of 3D printing, Lund University professor Olaf Diegel has 3D printed a drum, a keyboard and two guitars.  A 3D band has been put together and members from Lund University's Malmo Academy of Music are about to perform the world's first live concert using 3D printed musical instruments!

Each instrument is custom designed and created:

3D printed drum musical instrument
3D printed drum

3D printed guitar musical instrument
3D printed guitar

3D printed keyboard musical instrument
3D printed keyboard
All the 3D printed instruments are then put together and form a 3D printed band!

3D printed band at Lund University
Lund University 3D printed band
Lund University have published a YouTube video about the 3D printed instruments and the 3D printed concert on the Lund University YouTube channel here:

Clever stuff and can't wait to see the actual concert footage!

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