Monday, 22 September 2014

#racethetube - runner v underground train - London, Hong Kong, Lausanne and more!

The #racethetube / Race The Tube video from last week has been generating a lot of attention with over 4 million views now recorded, most of these in the last week and other cities now starting to join in...

As with all the most effective viral content, the premise of #racethetube / Race The Tube is simple - leave underground train, exit station, run along streets, enter next station, catch the same train!

Race The Tube!
The first 'Race The Tube' videos were posted in August 2014 to the Epic Challenges YouTube channel.  These 'Race The Tube' videos saw two Londoners involved in a 'Race The Tube - Sprint' challenge from London's Mansion House station to Cannon Street station and a 'Race The Tube - Endurance' challenge from London's Moorgate station to St.James Park station.

These videos have been popular (with the 'Race The Tube - Sprint' growing quickly since being featured in mainstream press such as the London Evening Standard, Time Out, the Guardian and the Sunday Times.)

Inevitably the #racethetube idea has now spread outside of London and videos from other cities are starting to appear:

Ngan Cuz 'Race The Tube' Hong Kong on the Tsuen Wan line

ChillingMonkey and Race The Tube Lausanne (uphill!):

Race The Tube in a very wet Stockholm with NRJ:

Who's next???!

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