Friday, 7 November 2014

John Lewis Evil Penguin - #montythepenguin Horror remix!

Yesterday saw the John Lewis 2014 Christmas TV ad released online and according to data from Unruly the John Lewis Christmas ad was shared 202,953 times in it's first 24 hours.

The scale of this type of pre-seeding is growing every year and graphs in the Telegraph show the John Lewis 2014 Christmas TV ad shares by hour and the Facebook / YouTube sharing split:

#montythepenguin Monty Penguin John Lewis 2014 graph
Shares of #montythepenguin John Lewis Christmas TV ad 2014

I also like looking at the spoofs and mashups that inevitably accompany this type of campaign - it's another, albeit anecdotal, indicator of how well official content resonates with the wider public.

The first John Lewis penguin spoof starts things off nicely - Chris Davey posting the 'Horror version' that keeps the pictures the same but changes the music to great effect....

I'll keep my eyes open for more...!

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