Wednesday, 1 April 2015

BMW April Fool 2015 - Motor Mouth (rugby mouthguard)

The BMW April Fools ad for 2015 has been published!  In the UK, BMW have been running BMW April Fools ads for many years and this year the April Fools ad has a (topical) rugby theme!

Featuring 'Chief Product Tester' / rugby star Chris Robshaw, the 2015 BMW April Fools ad is for the 'Motor Mouth' - 'All The Protection You've Come To Expect From A BMW, Bite-Sized'!

BMW April Fools ad 2015 Motor Mouth
BMW April Fools ad - 2015 - Motor Mouth
The full text of the BMW 2015 April Fools Ad reads:

"On average, rugby international Chris Robshaw makes approximately 18 tackles per match.  With this in mind, BMW has developed the RU series - a new line of mouth guards offering players the same protection as our drivers.

Rigorously tested at the highest level, the mouth guard is entirely made up of ethylene-propylen-dien rubber – standard protection in the door seals of all BMW models. The interior of the guard uses tyre tread technology and grips accordingly, while the BMW signature kidney grille lies between the front incisors acting as an elegant respiration vent.

If you’d like to know more about the BMW RU Series, please contact our Head of Product Fabrication or call 0800 0936161."

BMW Motor Mouth rugby mouthguard - April Fools 2015
This year BMW have taken the BMW April Fools ad onto other channels too.  Using the hashtag #motormouth, the BMW UK Twitter account are promoting a link to the April Fools Day story on the BMW website:

BMW April Fools 2015 Motor Mouth tweet
BMW UK tweet to promote the 2015 BMW April Fools ad

Additionally, the star of the BMW April Fools ad, Chris Robshaw has appeared in a BMW YouTube video to extend the April Fools fun!

Another great BMW April fools day ad and integration of a celebrity and other digital channels makes it feel bigger than some of the other April fools ads today.

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