Sunday, 26 April 2015

Miguel Layun and other Watford players use Twitter video to show the reaction to Premier League promotion

Watford FC were promoted from the Football League Championship to the FA Premier League this weekend.  Whilst it is just 8 years since Watford were last in the Premier League, technology has advanced significantly since then.

In season 2006-2007 there were no smart phones, Facebook had just 20 million users and Twitter had only just begun - today it is very different and players posting and tweeting gives a fascinating insight into what is going on behind the football headlines!

This weekend Watford had an early match and won (this was match 45 of a 46 game season.)  Whilst it was highly unlikely, if other results went Watford's way it would guarantee promotion to the Premier League.  So when Middlesbrough lost at Fulham and Norwich drew at Rotherham there were some crazy scenes of celebration - played out predominantly on Twitter:

1) Watford's Mexican superstar Miguel Layun tweeted video directly from the team bus.  Layun personally has more Twitter followers than most Premier League clubs and the reaction to this Twitter video (syndicated onto news and highlights programmes, re-uploaded by other social accounts etc) has perhaps been the defining imagery of yesterday's Watford promotion:

2) Striker Odion Ighalo posted a video clip of people singing his song and tweeted directly from the celebration party - again using Twitter video:

3) Watford's Tommie Hoban - defender and star of the chant 'Tommie Hoban's having a party, bring Ben Watson and Munari' - took to Twitter to encourage further celebration (with video subsequently posted to Vimeo too):

A large number of other players tweeted celebratory messages of congratulations too - and if you find his wallet then please let @IkechiAnya know:

Yesterday was a great day for Watford's players and fans whilst Twitter allowing us to share in behind the scenes moments made it even more special!

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