Friday, 1 April 2016

BMW April Fool 2016 ad - xDrive Baby Boots!

BMW have a long history of running April Fools ads (see the links at the foot of this post for BMW April Fool ads from previous years) and for 2016 the BMW April Fools ad is the 'BMW xDrive Baby Boots' which offer 'Total Stability In All Conditions.'

The full text of the 2016 BMW April Fools ad reads:

"Carpet. Ceramic tiles. Varnished Wood. A change of surface can change everything for a child.  BMW xDrive Baby Boots, with intelligent, dynamic control, react to the slightest wobble and change of terrain.  This enables perfect weight distribution, fully harnessing the power of each leg and using it most efficiently.  The result is maximum walking pleasure for your child and pure toddling confidence.

BMW xDrive baby boots.  Also available in pink.

If you would like to know more about BMW xDrive Baby Boots, please contact the Head of Product Fabrication, or call 0800 093 6161."

In addition to the April Fools ad (above) that ran in newspapers, BMW have also produced supporting April Fools videos for the BMW xDrive Baby Boots - a product video and a Vlogger review too:

Good fun again and another great example of BMW April Fools advertising!

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