Friday, 1 July 2016

Facebook Live presentation - How To & Hints / Tips

The social web is changing again.  We've seen the evolution from text to photo to video and now there is a new phase beginning - 'Live.'  This isn't about Oreo moments or Red Bull space jumps, this is about anyone broadcasting their life to the world in real time...

Anyone with a mobile internet connection or a smart phone can now use Facebook's Live function or Twitter's Periscope app or the soon to rollout YouTube live streaming to address the world.  People can create their own Truman Show / Ed TV with just the touch of a button on their mobile phone's Facebook / Periscope / YouTube app.

As brands, publishers, celebrities (and normal people) jump into this space I put together an overview presentation.  Based on Facebook Live, I'm already working on the next version that will look across Periscope and YouTube as well and I will continue to post different examples here.

I hope you find this helpful - my Facebook Live Slideshare presentation:

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