Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Twitter, Wimbledon and Andy Roddick - live streaming at the tennis!

Twitter have just started their first live stream Sports broadcast direct from the Wimbledon tennis championships.

The Wimbledon Twitter live stream features the matches of Roger Federer v Marin Cilic and Milos Raonic v Sam Querrey as well as discussion, interviews and updates from other Wimbledon games.

'Brought to you by ESPN' the Wimbledon Twitter live stream content can be accessed from desktop or mobile and a link to the Wimbledon Twitter live stream tennis is posted as a pinned tweet to the @wimbledon Twitter account (or you can access the Wimbledon live stream directly here):

Wimbledon tennis Twitter live stream pinned tweet

The Twitter live stream of Wimbledon tennis can be viewed on desktop and the Wimbledon live stream can also be viewed on mobile through the Twitter mobile site or through the Twitter app:

Twitter Wimbledon live stream desktop view

Twitter Wimbledon live stream mobile view (with tweets underneath)
Twitter have offered live streaming for users through Periscope for a while, but this is the first real push that I have seen Twitter make into live streaming professional sport.  YouTube started with professional streaming and will shortly move into consumer / any user live streaming, whereas Twitter have gone in the reverse direction!

Interestingly, former US tennis pro-Andy Roddick is live streaming around Wimbledon too.  Using Twitter's Periscope live streaming app, Andy Roddick talks about 'all things Wimbledon', responds to user questions and then captures interesting snippets from his full Periscope broadcasts using SnappyTV and tweets these afterwards:

Periscope promoting forthcoming Andy Roddick live stream

Andy Roddick Periscope - capture and retweet using SnappyTV 

The one thing this all highlights (again) is how far social media has shifted - it started with text, then moved to photo, then moved to video and now we are seeing more and more 'Live' going through social channels and Andy Roddick's Periscoping and the Twitter Wimbledon live stream are further example of this...enjoy!

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