Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Casey Neistat & Emirates - the blogger and the $21,000 airline seat!

Well known blogger Casey Neistat was travelling on Emirates from Dubai to New York and was given an upgrade to First Class.  This was a masterstroke by Emirates as Casey Neistat then documented the entire experience in a 10 minute video posting that has now been viewed millions of times:

Casey Neistat describes the food, the service and even records a few on flight shower scenes too!  This video functions as a strong endorsement for Emirates and is arguably more powerful than any messages that they could have pushed out themselves through traditional paid advertising.

Casey Neistat Emirates upgrade shower
Casey Neistat films from the inflight Emirates shower room!
Clever stuff and a good demonstration of how co-opting credible and relevant influencers can really benefit a brand.

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