Saturday, 1 April 2017

BMW April Fool 2017 - dDrive (BMW dog basket)

BMW have a long history of April Fools activity and the BMW April Fool for 2017 is the BMW dDrive, a BMW for dogs....

The BMW 2017 April Fool reads:


BMW April Fools 2017 dDrive ad
BMW April Fools ad 2017 dDrive
"A sunny day, an open road and the slipstream gently caressing your flowing looks.  For some, there are feelings that are impossible to piut into words.

Equipped with a revolutionary TwinPower Trbo fan, the new BMW dDrive dog basket is designed to satisfy the unspoken needs of the canine community and bring the windswept thrill of the drive to a safer, more dog-friendly environment.

Visit your nearest BMW centre today, or book your dog in for a test drive at  If you would like to find out more, please contact Head of Product Fabrication or call 0800 093 6161."

There is also a dDrive BMW April Fools 2017 YouTube video too:

Hope you enjoy the BMW 2017 April Fools!

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