Thursday, 23 November 2017

Elf Yourself 2017 - this year with Augmented Reality!

Elf Yourself is back for 2017 and this year ElfYourself has new dances and Augmented Reality through the ElfYourself mobile app!

As with previous years, the ElfYourself OfficeMax Christmas / holiday fun is based around uploading a photo of yourself (and up to four other faces), then customising to fit the Elf Yourself template:

ElfYourself 2017 make your photo
OfficeMax ElfYourself 2017 - make your Elf

Once everything has been lined up with your ElfYourself photo you can then add other elves, 'Add Greeting' and then this year there are a host of new ElfYourself features including Augmented Reality, Workshop Dance, Dance Off Dance and Dance Management:

ElfYourself 2017 New features
ElfYourself 2017 'New This Season'

ElfYourself 2017 has a long list of dances to choose from for 2017, including:

80s dance

ElfYourself 2017 80s dance
ElfYourself 2017 80's dance
'Feliz Navidad'

ElfYourself 2017 Feliz Navidad
ElfYourself 2017 Feliz Navidad

and even 'Oh Hanukkah'!

ElfYourself 2017 Hanukkah
ElfYourself 2017 Oh Hanukkah

For 2017 there is also an ElfYourself mobile app which offers the opportunity to pay to download ElfYourself dances that have been created in order to share them / upload them to social media etc. 

An additional Augmented Reality feature has been included in ElfYourself 2017 too and this allows users to bring a digital elf into the real world:

ElfYourself 2017 AR instructions
ElfYourself 2017 Augmented Reality instructions

ElfYourself 2017 Augmented Reality elf
Elf Yourself 2017 Augmented Reality elves

It's slightly later than previous years, but ElfYourself is back for 2017 and at the time of writing 1,558, 134, 981 elves have been created - will you be joining in with ElfYourself this year??!!!

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