Tuesday, 30 January 2018

AncestryUK 'Together Forever' Brexit TV ad

AncestryUK have created a new Brexit-themed ad to promote the AncestryDNA product - "the largest global DNA database."

AncestryUK AncestryDNA Brexit Together Forever stats
AncestryUK Brexit Together Forever British DNA stats

Using the old Rick Astley song 'Together Forever', AncestryUK tap into the current UK news agenda by cheekily pointing out that their AncestryDNA product will show that 'the average British persons DNA is only 36% British' and 'the average persons DNA is 60% European'...

The AncestryUK video production is brilliant, the Brexit-related script is well put together and the 'Together Forever' song fits perfectly. This AncestryDNA film is a fun way of piggybacking the current (continual?) Brexit news stories to drive awareness of the AncestryDNA offer - now watch the view count leap!

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