Sunday, 3 February 2019

Marshmello in Fortnite live concert virtual event

Marshmello and Fortnite got together last night.  This week Saturday night Prime time in our house was not based around TV or video, it was based around a real time virtual event live streaming from our XBox!

This was EDM collaborating with gaming and online community to create something new and all over the world people joined in.  Marshmello played a 10 minute set inside Fortnite and Marshmello did live voiceover.  Players could then get up close to the stage, using their Marshmello styled axes and their Fortnite dance moves to join in with the Marshmello tunes:

Marshmello was happy too - claiming on Twitter "We made history today!"

Marshmello Fortnite tweet
Marshmello Fortnite tweet
To complete the 'system' approach, there is also collaborative merchandise for Fortnite and Marshmello too!  (

Marshmello Fortnite merch
Marshmello x Fortnite Merch
So while the advertising industry will no doubt spend hours debating Super Bowl ads, the post-weekend debate might miss what Marshmello did in Fortnite last night.  If you look at all the Twitch activity and the social activity going on,  the Marshmello and Fortnite collaboration may well have just shown us a glimpse of something really significant for the future.

Full 10 minute version of the Marshmello Fortnite set is here:

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